Statistics tutoring & crash courses for students

Mentorium annually supports thousands of students in all disciplines with statistics tutoring, statistics crash courses and exam preparation courses in statistics and buy essays online for college. Students and doctoral candidates use our statistics tutoring also to refresh statistical basics (statistical revisions), in addition to lectures or as an aid to empirical theses.

We offer tuition in group lessons (block courses, crash courses, weekend courses, holiday courses, weekly courses) and private tuition (statistics tutoring, statistics coaching). Both can be done both online and on location in larger university towns.

Quality determines success

Statistics Tutoring, Crash Courses and Statistics Courses for students, students, PhD students and companies are done do my homework for me on our website at the highest level. We work only with the best statistics lecturers. Only about 5% of all applicants make it through our tough selection process. This benefits our students, students, graduate students and companies who use our services on a daily basis.

High success rate

About 97% of students complete their statistics exam when they systematically prepare for Mentorium!

Nationwide statistics tutoring

Whether London, Paris, Madrid, pur website offers statistics tutoring nationwide! Also for students from EU countries. Online tutoring and courses are very efficient and usable from everywhere.

  • Success in statistics exams should not be a random product and
  • even the allocation of a good lecturer must not depend on chance.
  • Mentorium creates through a high quality standard
  • systematic success, because each of our instructors is top notch!

Who uses our statistics tutoring? Many students of social sciences (sociology), educational sciences (pedagogy) or humanities (psychology, medicine) are surprised in the first semester when you realize that mathematics, more precisely statistics, will be an important part of their studies. But also in economics (business administration, economics) and natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics) the application of statistical procedures plays a large role.

We provide statistics clearly on the basis of concrete examples and many exercises. So you are not only optimally prepared for your exams, but also learn to deal responsibly with statistics. Because many decisions, such as The introduction of a new drug or the further development of software depend on survey data and statistical test decisions.