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Our quality standard – our statistics lecturers and tutors

Our highly qualified statistics lecturers not only have a lot of statistical experience, but also patience and humor. They know where the difficulties and fears lie and help you to overcome them. With a little willpower and perseverance, you’ll be well prepared for your next statistics exam. Even students who have the 2nd or 3rd exam try in the vast majority of cases with our help pass your exam (about 97% pass the exam).

Why Mentorium has the best statistics instructors, tutors and tutors:

Every single lecturer goes through a tough selection process with Mentorium.

In addition to the subject-specific qualification, the personality, didactics and the handling of exceptional situations are also examined.

Only about 5% of all applicants will end up working for Mentorium.

However, this also means that about 95% of all providers can not keep up with the quality standards of Mentorium.

Our standards are very high. We only want to work with the best teachers and invest a lot of time and energy.

TIP: Free reservation for statistics tuition, lessons – use benefits

The reservation for statistics tuition, statistics lessons, crash course or a statistics course is free; additional reservation fees will not be charged. Several times a year there are phases in which especially many students, students or doctoral students want to use statistics tuition, lessons or courses. In these exam phases, it can then happen quickly that tuition places, courses or lesson groups are fully booked. In addition, students use statistics tutoring or coaching for the data analysis of their empirical work (surveys, experiments, experiments). In any case, you should make a reservation as soon as a specific exam date (or review date) has been determined. Better safe than sorry!

Statistics Tutoring & Crash courses or participation in a statistics course can be guaranteed for a desired time window.

Planning certainty: With a firm commitment you can concentrate on other exams or assignments and prepare yourself for the statistics tutoring, the statistics lessons or the statistics course.

In particular, if you need statistics tutoring or lessons over a weekend, on the holiday season / semester break, a reservation is very beneficial.

Stay flexible in spite of reservation: If anything important comes up, you can call us a new start date at the latest one week before the beginning of the planned statistics lesson (via e-mail). Should our resources permit, we will confirm a new start date by e-mail for you free of charge.

Other interesting aids for students

Mentorium offers a very broad range of academic services and hands-on assistance to undergraduate and graduate students. Here is a small compilation for you.

Proofreading of a bachelor thesis, master thesis, dissertation and homework

  • Mathematics tutoring
  • plagiarism check
  • Layout & formatting
  • Consulting in data analysis
  • Statistics Service
  • Statistical advice
  • Transcription of interviews
  • Proofreading an application