Statistics tutoring

Most common reasons for statistics tuition

Exam preparation statistics for students (intensive preparation for the first examination, the final examination or the last examination attempt in statistics at a university, college or remote university)

Exam preparation statistics for students (intensive preparation for a Baccalaureate / Abitur exam, basic or advanced course in statistics, stochastics / probability calculus, combinatorics or hypothesis tests)

Study-accompanying statistics tuition / instruction

Lecture-accompanying statistics tutoring, you will always be up to date and prepare yourself in time and without stress on the exam before.

Repetitorium Statistics-intensive repetition

Intensive repetition of mathematical and statistical basics, repetition of, for example, combinatorics, stochastics, probability calculus, distributions and much more.

Preparation for a degree-oriented study (many prospective students prepare for the subject of statistics before the start of their studies.) Typical courses include psychology, medicine, health management, sociology, educational science, education, economics, business administration, economics, chemistry, biology, physics, computer science, meteorology or geosciences)

Preparation of data analysis – thesis

Refresher of statistical knowledge for the experimental design, test procedure / survey, data analysis / data evaluation, hypothesis test, significance test for a bachelor thesis, master thesis, diploma thesis or dissertation / doctoral thesis.

Statistics software Courses, help, tutoring, lessons

many students, doctoral students and staff from clinics, companies, higher education institutions, government agencies and institutes book our courses on statistical software such as SPSS, Stata, R, SRS and MS Excel.

Types of Lessons – Statistics Tutoring

  • Individual exam preparation for statistics (take as many lessons per week as you like or follow our recommendations)
  • study-accompanying, lecture-accompanying tutoring (ideal to prepare yourself stress-free for the statistics exam, to follow the lecture and the exercises)
  • Crash course in statistics tuition / lessons (very intense, many meetings per week)
  • Block lesson statistics (for example, 8 hours a day for a week)
  • Weekend Course in Statistics Tutoring & Lessons (over the weekend – Saturday, Sunday – very intensive statistics tutoring / lessons)
  • Summer Courses in Statistics Tutoring & Lessons (use the lecture-free time (semester break) to prepare for an important statistics exam, the statistics lecture or the data analysis of the empirical part of your thesis)

Lessons – Statistics lesson

  • Statistics online tutoring, online lessons (very popular, very effective, nationwide)
  • Statistics Presence tutoring, classroom attendance
  • Homework, exercise tasks (no instruction, you receive “only” the solutions)
  • Typical topics – Statistics tuition
  • Combinatorics, Stochastics, Distributions
  • Descriptive Statistics, Descriptive Statistics
  • Closing Statistics, Inductive Statistics
  • Experimental design, experimental design, surveys
  • Hypothesis test, test procedure, significance test
  • Data analysis with SPSS, R, Stata, SAS and MS Excel

Group sizes – Statistics tutoring

  • Statistics group lessons (efficient, homogeneous small group lessons)
  • Statistics private lessons (individual individual tutoring and one-to-one lessons)
  • Statistics Exercise groups (efficient, homogeneous exercise groups, intensive calculation or implementation of typical examination tasks or examination cases)
  • Typical departments / programs
  • Humanities such as psychology, medicine and pharmacy
  • Economics (Business Administration, Economics), Computer Science
  • Sociology, educational sciences, pedagogy
  • Natural sciences such as chemistry, biology or physics
  • Earth sciences, meteorology
  • Engineering, Engineering
  • Topics of our statistics tuition, crash courses and statistics courses
  • Descriptive Statistics – Descriptive Statistics
  • Nominal scale, Ordinal scale, Interval scale, Ratio scale
  • Display of data: histogram, boxplot, scatterplot, pie chart, etc.
  • Absolute and relative frequencies

Calculation of measures / position parameters: arithmetic mean, median, mode, square sums, variance, span, quantiles, empirical covariance, correlation coefficient, etc.

  • cluster analysis
  • Probability Theory / Stochastics
  • Combinatorics
  • Random variables, events and probabilities
  • Statistical independence, dependency
  • Discrete distributions: z. B. equal distribution, binomial distribution, Poisson distribution
  • Continuous distributions: z. B. normal distribution, exponential distribution
  • Test distributions: z. T distribution, χ ^ 2 distribution, F distribution
  • Law of large numbers and central limit theorem
  • Closing Statistics – Inductive Statistics
  • Estimation of parameters, parameter estimation, estimation theory
  • Confidence intervals
  • Significance Test / Hypothesis Test: formulation of the null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, test size, critical value, decision rule
  • Power analysis, optimal sample size

Parametric hypothesis tests / distribution-bound tests: t-test, z-test, F-test, chi2 homogeneity test, etc.

Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing / Distribution Free Tests: Wilcoxon Mann Whitney Test, Kruskal Wallis Test, Wilcoxon Sign Rank Test, Friedman Test, etc.

One-Factor Variance Analysis and Multi-Variance Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA)

Distribution check (eg normal distribution assumption): chi2 fit test, Kolmogorov-Smirnow test, Shapiro-Wilk test, Anderson-Darling test, etc.

Correlation, partial correlation, pseudo-correlation, rank correlation, Pearson chi2 test

Linear Regression, Nonlinear Regression, Logistic Regression, Multiple Regression, Moderator Analysis, Mediator Analysis, Generalized Linear Models, Multi-Level Analysis, Structural Equation Models

Factor analysis / main axis model / main component model, correspondence analysis

Time series analysis

Statistical Modeling

Data analysis / data evaluation / evaluation of data / evaluation of surveys / evaluation of empirical data / evaluation of test bench data

Help and courses for data analysis with statistics software

For popular statistical software we offer students, doctoral students and companies courses, lessons and tutoring. Either the handling of the respective statistical software can be systematically learned, or, depending on the case, e.g. Calculations, tests or position parameters and corresponding visualizations with the appropriate software carried out or determined. Our statistics experts (all of them statisticians with extensive practical knowledge) provide support in:

  • SPSS
  • R
  • Stata
  • SAS
  • MS Excel statistics functions